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AmiFeeder – Real Time Data for Amibroker

We provide Amifeeder – Real Time Data for Amibroker App compatible with Microsoft Windows on PC. It updates live market data tick by tick in Amibroker, one of the most popular charting software. Besides real time data feed for amibroker, it also backfills 180 days historical data in amibroker. Historical Data for Amibroker is backfilled in 5 minute time frame. This Real Time Data Services are available for Real Time Amibroker Data, Equity Intraday Data, Commodity Real time Data, Data Feed for Amibroker and Live Data for Amibroker.

We at AmiDataFeeder.com provide real time data services being a leading amibroker data provider ie. real-time data provider for amibroker. We provide excellent rt data provider for amibroker through Amifeeder App for Windows. This App works as an amibroker data feeder to feed real time data for amibroker. We are also commodity data provider that is commodity data for amibroker and realtime data feed for amibroker.


Accurate Data at Electrifying Speed with Highest Accuracy. High Speed Data for Commodity, Equity, Future & Options and Currency


All Data Feeds Fully Compatible with Amibroker. All Derivatives Data comes with Live Open Interest.


Upto 180 Days Intraday Backfill in 5 Minute Snapshot. User can Take Symbols from Multiple Exchanges.

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AmiFeeder – Real Time Data for Amibroker

AmiFeeder App is for Real Time Data for Amibroker for Commodity, Equity Cash, Stock & Index Futures, Nifty Options, Commodity & Currency Feeds. It’s Real Time Market Data Feeder updated Tick by Tick in Amibroker with 6 Months Historical Data Backfill.


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We Provide Excellent Highest Quality Data for Amibroker updated Tick by Tick. Historical data backfill for 180 days available in 5 Minute snapshot. An easy to use AmiFeeder – Amibroker Data Feeder feeds Real Time Data for Amibroker. We are leading Market Data Provider for Amibroker. Amibroker Real Time Data for Commodity, Currency, Equity, Futures and Options all are provided with single Subscription.